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About salt cells, my view

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Published: Saturday, 14 November 2020 10:48
Written by Bob Goldsteen
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Hi is this a genuine Davey cell? Because every pool shop I rang they don’t have a stock on EcoSalt 26 cell.

Cheers Les


Thank you for your question, I have now updated the oldish listing to be clearer. Kawana factory makes all the hard to find old and new cells at a competitive price as they are the source without the overheads of the multinatioals such as Davey, Waterco, Astral etc. Made in Australia with Ruthenium/ Titanium from the USA which is now about $1700 + a square metre The list price from Davey for this cell is Now $913, I just logged on to my Davey account and that is what it said! I just checked the spot price of Ruthenium US$270 per troy ounce, that is 11 times the price of silver! The only out you may have is to buy a standard Chlorinator, e.g a complete Saltmate chlorinator SMT120-28 gms/hr just $659, see my listing Item ID: 274358355713 Standard chlorinators have half the plates ruthenium printed as they do not reverse polarity making everything electrically simplier and robust. I know of old Clearwater units pushing 40 years although probably had 5 or 6 cells, they last longer! Hope this explains the situation, best regards, thanks again, Bob

Thank you
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