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Electrical spa safety update

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Published: Thursday, 04 July 2019 02:01
Written by Graeme Whitfield
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Electrical spa safety update

Over the coming months a number of spa specific or little
known Australian Standard requirements
will be addressed.

Some of these are voluntary “best practice”,
while others are mandatory and must be complied

The first will address a mandatory Standard
in relation to electrical safety.

As with all swimming pools, spas also need
to meet equipotential bonding requirements.

AS/NZS3000:2018 clause states
the requirement to bond all fixed conductive f

ittings exceeding 100mm in any dimension
that are within “arms reach” of the edge of the spa,

and in contact with the general mass
of earth directly or indirectly.

The definition of arm’s reach is 1.25m
horizontally from the spa, and 2.5m above
the top of the spa. Conductive fittings
include fencing, handrails, spa cover lifters,
gazebos, metal faciers, gutters, downpipes, metal
shower heads, water taps, metal window frames, etc.

Of particular note here are cover lifters
and handrails which are commonly used
on portable spas. Many of these have
designs incorporating a plate that slips
under the spa in contact with the ground
via a concrete slab? or a wet ? timber deck.
Such an installation requires a bond installed
by an electrician in order to comply with this Standard.
i.e. a 4-6mm² earth cable joining all exposed metal together, use cable lugs, nuts & bolts, make sure metal is clean and treat with zinc rich paint Bob

SPASA Australia is conducting one day 
Spa Service & Repairs – Professional Level III 
course around the country for members and
This is just one of many topics that will be covered.
It is highly recommended for all industry members
performing work on spas.

Contact: These tips are supplied by Adrian Lacy
of Spatex. For more information call 1300 772 839.
 By Chris Maher