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PIPE for spas and pools

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Published: Saturday, 14 March 2015 16:13
Written by Graeme Whitfield
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I am determined to debunk all this talk about pipe sizes, should be AS/NZ S1477 standard,  some pump sellers have confused people, when it is quite simple.

40mm pressure pipe is 48.3 mm OD, 50mm pressure pipe is 60 mm OD.  The ID depends on the class thickness of pipe, Class 9/ 40 mm pipe ID is 43.9 mm approx. 50 mm class9 ID is about 54.9 mm. We are rarely concerned with ID as the pipe OD is glued inside the standard fittings, called 15, 25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100 mm even though that is not their actual measurement. 32 mm not made anymore. Class 12 pipe is thicker wall (smaller ID) used on solar pipes as plastic bends with higher water temps.

All pool stuff is supplied standard, mostly problem arises if you buy house pipe from a hardware store, must ask for pressure pipe,

NOTE, sometimes there are pump ½ unions made that fit 40 mm pipe inside and 50 mm (fittings not pipe) on the outside, very handy for the installer. Standard 40mm unions may take 50mm pipe on the outside, just heat up and push in, pull out when cold then glue. Easy As!

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