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Onga 4352 spa pool pump, heater

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Published: Sunday, 16 February 2014 20:41
Written by Graeme Whitfield
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old Onga 4352

I'm still asked for a new 4352 Onga spa pool pump, heater control package. Onga stoped making these about 15 years ago when they were taken over by Pentair. The only viable solution is the Portapac Demand, which is available in 10 or 15 amp supply(i.e. 1hp pump/1.6 heater or 1.5hp/2.4kw heater). I have personally done this conversion many times without too much effort. New couplings are supplied and must be fitted to the 2 spa pipes. The supplied temperature sensor needs to be fitted thru the side of the spa. Controll is by a single air plunger, it switches sequentially, all too easy. If you wish to go up market, these units are available with full electronic touch pad, however this almost doubles the price.  0431047179 GraemePortaPac