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Pool losing water?

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Published: Thursday, 27 June 2013 14:54
Written by Graeme Whitfield
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Losing water? could be a few things,

First check your sand filter backwash line, put a bucket under the end and see if there is water in it after a few hours. Maybe pressure is too high lifting the valve off its seat, valve could be faulty. did you put a new dirty big pump on your filter? 

Secondly could be a faulty hydrostatic valve in the floor of your pool. Some pools have port hole hydros, could be leaking especially after heavy rain raising the water table. The old screw in valves sometimes get a leaf stuck in them or the rubber has rotted away.

Thirdly you may have a pipe leak, does the pool lose water only when the pump is running? check the pressure side of the system. If losing water all the time it must be on the suction side, although any pipe work below water level may leak even when the pump is off! Remove the pump lid or open your filter to stop syphoning, now see what happens! Have you had any work done around your pool recently? Check these areas for pipe damage, may even be caused by aggressive tree roots which may push a pipe and crack it, usually at a joint. 

for further advice call your pool consultant, bob, on 0243690299