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Published: Friday, 24 May 2013 15:18
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An above ground pool has a sand base, steel wall with metal or composite copings. I'm not talking about modular pools which have concrete base, fabricated walls and a concrete coping. The liners for AG pools come in various thicknesses from 0.24mm(little splashes  to 0.5mm for larger pools. There is an overlap in that thinner liners are available for quite large pools, hence you may think it is a good deal! Stick to Heavy duty 0.5mm for best results. Also there are various sources of material. I recommend liners that are provided by a known Australian manufacturer such as Leisure line or sunflow (100% virgin PVC vinyl) for long guaranteed life. You would not want to repeat all the hard work to change a faulty liner. The quality of manufacture is important, as all vinyl welds must be perfect.

Finally a word about size, as pools listed as the same size maybe actually different! Once you try to fit a liner and it is wrong, it may not be returned, as it is now secondhand. PLEASE call Bob 0243690299 with your details to avoid all the dramas. Proper liners come with a 10 year warranty.

Please do not empty your pool if set in the ground until you actually start to change the liner. The further in the ground, the quicker an empty pool will collapse especially if it rains. Avoid costly mistakes, call first, let me help you get it right. 
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