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Waterco Online Embargo

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Published: Tuesday, 30 April 2019 16:00
Written by Graeme Whitfield
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 Sorry to say you will no longer be able to buy many Waterco products online. Davey did this but soon realised their error and now everything is online.. Hayward no longer support this little guy. Large manufactures/suppliers are trying to combat new technology which is impinging on their traditional franchise retailers among other issues. This does have an affect on little guys like me, sad to say. Even 35-40 years of my loality to a brand is irrelavent in a world where companies are making decisions in the belief it will restore their business. I do believe it is ironic that Waterco, Davey and Hayward have sourced many products overseas and now unable to support Australian manufacture IMO. The force of the internet and China is just too great, they call it "headwinds" Their are exceptions such as the new Poolrite who are making a huge effort and should be supported. Today a 1 hp pool pump online is under $200 and now SAA approved, as I result I have to do it too, all very sad. Now the online prices are soo low, warranty is not an issue as one just chucks it and buys another, there is no warranty unless you are in the Ebay short time frame. I tried many times for satisfaction from Drsellers on Ebay, I now do not recommend this company in Artarmon. One has to sympathise with Australian investors who are seing their holdings decrease, on the other hand it is impinging on mine. I guess folks with millions invested have no choice and do what they have to do. The latest is Emaux Australia in trouble with many contract holders and franchise stores holding large stocks, this inventory may end up just cents on the dollar, stock is already being offered to me.