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Published: Wednesday, 13 September 2017 23:26
Written by Graeme Whitfield
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Just $871 on Direct Deposit with FREE chrome top button. Onga 4352 has not been made for at least 15 years, no parts nothing ! The Porta Pac is approved SAAelectrically safe for use in Australia, do not risk your families safety with unapproved imports, please realise your family is sitting in water connected to the mains power! ALL ELECTRICAL ITEMS MUST BE SAA APPROVED, it is the law!
This spa pack will replace Onga 4352, Davey Xcelsior, Waterco SSC air, no more touch pads available. 



This complete 10amp spa pump/1.6kw heater/control unit is the replacement for all the old air button controlled spa units. Easy to fit in existing older spas, great replacement for Onga 4352s etc which have not been made for many years15 amp model available with 1.5hp pump and 2.4kw element $925 DD. These Portable Packages unit are extreamly simple to install and operate using just one of your old air buttons, just push the same button for each operation, has outlet for your blower.Complete with 3 pin plug and flex, new air tube for the air button, 50 or 40mm 11/2" couplings(just glue to your pipes), external easy fit temperature sensor.