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Dangerous/ Spurious SAA Electrical Labels

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Published: Thursday, 07 April 2016 14:53
Written by Bob Goldsteen
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It is official, see reprint of SAA approval site alert It is time to check every electrical item before you buy it!
SAA approval check   The approval number will be on the nameplate

It is about time Ebay would recognise illegal non SAA approved goods sold in 

Australia. Electrical items on the net including eBay must have Manufacturers name, part number, approval number or logos 
ALERT: Fraudulent Use of SAA Name in China

It has come to our attention that several false and fraudulent claims are being made on Chinese websites by various companies called QA Testing Technology Company Ltd, Ningbo Carters Detection Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Carters Detection Technology Co., Ltd. that they are an SAA representative and that the website saa.org.cn is the official website for SAA in China. This is incorrect and fraudulent. These companies are not authorised to act as an agent for SAA Approvals and may not represent our company. The ONLY place to obtain an SAA certificate is at www.saaapprovals.com.au and we do not have any employees or agents outside of Australia. These companies have simply stolen our name and are making false claims. We regard any public statement by this company about Australian approvals to be incorrect. We have asked the Chinese authorities to stop this practice without success.

We remind our clients to ensure that they obtain genuine JAS-ANZ-endorsed certificates and be wary of companies fraudulently claiming to be SAA in China.



们注意到QA Testing Technology Company Ltd、宁波市卡特斯检测技术有限公司和深圳市卡特斯检测技术有限公司等几家中国公司在其中文网站上谎称他们是SAA代理商,并声称saa.org.cnSAA在中国的官方网站,这是错误的盗用行为。这几家公司未经SAA Approvals权代表本公司开展业务,无权代表本公司。www.saaapprovals.com.au获取SAA证书的唯一网站,我们在澳大利亚境外没有任何员工或代理商,这几家公司只是盗用了本公司的名称进行虚假宣传。我们注意到这几家公司宣传的澳大利亚认证事宜都是假的。我们已请求中国有关当局制止这种做法,但至今没有结果


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