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CLICK HERE SALT CELL COMPARISON LIST to find your replacement salt cell. Call Bob for fast ordering 0243690299

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ltp1100-low-resonga ppp pool pump

ONGA, we have it all.

Replacements for Spa pack 

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New K-Digital Self Clean Salt system, 

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   SureFlo Pool Pump with Onga Couplings        SureFlo with Onga coupling 40 and 50mm

Davey SureFlo™ replacements 3/4 to 1.35 hp pumps,
ONGA couplings,  save heaps, 250-450 l/min@6m head 
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This is a swing valve OK for multi speed pumps



STRAIGHT THRU Flow Non Return Valve

40mm pipe glues inside, 50mm fittings fit outside

operates vertical, horizontal!

Every pump should have one on the suction to prevent damage to pump,

especially if the SAND filter MultiPort Valve is old and LEAKing some air at pump switch off,

OR if your MULTI SPEED PUMP starts on slow speed. 

So, when timer turns on there must be lots of water in the pump basket so it does not starve, if not the seal cooks and then leaks!!! 

 Must have if pump is 600mm + above pool water level 
Good for EXISTING tight installs!

Underwater lights warning

Please be aware that only 12volt lights and transformers maybe sold for pools in australia due to EEU compliance some years ago. LEDs will work with 12, 22 and 32volts, If you do not have 12 volts and insist on using old filament type lamps you can now only buy Waterco 12 volt filament light fittings, SO you can't do it ! My advice: buy 2,3,or4 LED replacements and one transformer with multiple outlets to comply with current regulations

PS I sell 32volt transformers and other than 12 volt lamps as spare parts for existing installations but they do not comply with current regulations and safety requirements of the EEU as gazetted in Australia

Aqua quip transformer

Pump sizing, how easy to get it wrong

746 watts=1 hp, sounds simple? Some one offers you a 1 hp pump but maybe it is only 0.7 hp or 520 watts as you were quoted the input not the output. Ask to see the book where all the specifications are printed.

The next item is labeling, some call a 1 hp output a 1000,100, 1.0 which may infer that the 1 hp pump is  1 kw i.e. 1000 watts not 746. A bit deceptive even though it does loosely relate to the input

Confused yet? some companies rate their pumps by flow rate, not a horse power or watt anywhere.

Flow rate is the best system as the whole system maybe worked out correctly. IF you need a new pump, bigger is not necessarily better, IF flow rates are all wrong, it just puts up the pressure and costs more electricity. As a qualified installer of pool and spa builder for many years, I talk to many customers that are bewildered due to conflicting advice, it is difficult for people to filter the facts with regards to their requirements. What are the qualifications of the person to whom you are speaking? As a qualified, licenced supplier and installer of equipment it is my duty to you, to select the correct and best priced alternatives for your job. Some low priced stuff is just fine, but, just buying anything because it's cheap will not do, especially if you get the size wrong.   



pH measurement, the low down

test strips

pH MEASUREMENT, VERY IMPORTANT, you can't just keep adding acid!!!

If it is not right the kids eyes and sensitive areas will get all red and sore, yours too.
A very important measurement in many liquid chemical processes
(industrial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food production, etc.)
is that of pH: the measurement of hydrogen ion concentration in a
liquid solution. A solution with a low pH value is called an "acid,"
while one with a high pH is called a "caustic." The common pH scale
extends from 0 (strong acid) to 14 (strong caustic), with 7 in the
middle representing pure water (neutral):

pH is defined as follows: the lower-case letter "p" in pH stands for the negative common (base ten) logarithm, while the upper-case letter"H" stands for the element hydrogen. Thus, pH is a logarithmic measurement of the number of moles of hydrogen ions (H+) per litre of solution. JUST use the test stips, too easy

 spa test strip


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EVERY THING ELECTRICAL MUST HAVE  APPROVAL, YOU ARE ACTUALLY IN POOL WATER INDIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE ELECTRICTY THROUGH THE PUMP OR SPA HEATER WATER PIPES, MUST BE SAFE, DO YOU HAVE SAFETY SWITCHES, i.e. ELCB/CB BREAKERS?  OFF GRID? BE VERY CAREFUL, especially Direct Current which will jump out and grab you. If using an alternator, must have Safety switches,make sure you put in a earth stake, earth any metal structures etc, do not connect to solar or mains,  NO DIY
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