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CLICK HERE SALT CELL COMPARISON LIST to find your replacement salt cell. Call Bob for fast ordering 0243690299

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ltp1100-low-resonga ppp pool pump

ONGA, we have it all.

Replacements for Spa pack 

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New K-Digital Self Clean Salt system, 

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   SureFlo Pool Pump with Onga Couplings        SureFlo with Onga coupling 40 and 50mm

Davey SureFlo™ replacements 3/4 to 1.35 hp pumps,
ONGA couplings,  save heaps, 250-450 l/min@6m head 
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Welcome to Oze Pool


NEW Davey pump, has Onga couplings!

How about this new Davey pump with Onga compatable couplings. They come in 1, 1.2, 1.5, and 1.8 Hp. Just the correct sizes for most pools. Good performance too, 260-460 l/min at 6mtr head. Price for a quality Davey pump is quite reasonable compared to some of the upmarket ecos! self aligning 40 OR 50 mm pressure pipe couplings, 316 stainless steel shaft, large leaf basket with east off lid, Nyrol, viton materials, everything is there.

Davey suction cleaner NEW!

Why choose the Davey PoolSweeper Cleaner?

special price !

Portapac Demand SSC AIR Available???

Push button Portapacs ALL gone,  NONE IN AUSTRALIA!

Some touch pad versions still available 

Portapac demand SSC air (touch pad)are available in limited quantities Since W'cos fire and admin problems these units have been in very short supply. Well, I have some, both 10 and 15 amp. These units are about the only low cost spa heater/pump/control unit to replace the old Onga 4352s, Davey Xcelsior and similar spa units. Fancy touch pad units are all that is available now. Portapacs are still at discount prices as we are a low overhead company. Ring graeme  about 40% discount 0431047179

W'co Portapac Demand SSC Air touch pad  portapac in box 


Davey Silent/Cyclone Clone

How about a Davey typhoon formally silent/Cyclone look alike pump for 1/2 the current discount price

Price includes delivery Australia wide, just $299 special May price

General use high flow, 750 watt output, look at the base plate, has to be made in same factory, IMO!

I have on Ebay too but includes their fees. Must call Bob to get this Wholesale price, CCs OK,, delivered direct from warehouse, no double handling or waiting, no driving around or phone calls, just arrives on you door step, PO boxes OK

Pick up and install available for Central coast, install starting from just 89

If you have 50mm pressure pipe, just heat up and push on outside of union! Easy as

Compare and save, comes with 2 yr warranty and free return in first 14 days if not satisfied, the usual conditions apply

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Licenced to carry out electrical work, pool and spa erections for 35 years, since the early 80s. These days I specialise in the repowering of your pool and spa. All the POOL & SPA equipment that you can think of ! NEW pumps, filters, Swimjets, Badu/Hurricane swimjet, spa heater elements, PCBs for your chlorinator, Spa equipment, GAS and ELECTRIC heaters, solar DIY kits, loads of bits and pieces. Major brands, Aussie Gold, Davey, Waterco, Hurlcon/Astral, Leisureline, AMR solar, K-Chlor, Poolrite, Zodiac, Spa-Quip, Aqua-Quip, Hard Back covers, Daisy Pool covers, Ozepool spa buttons 
EVERY THING ELECTRICAL MUST HAVE  APPROVAL, YOU ARE ACTUALLY IN POOL WATER INDIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE ELECTRICTY THROUGH THE PUMP OR SPA HEATER WATER PIPES, MUST BE SAFE, DO YOU HAVE SAFETY SWITCHES, i.e. ELCB/CB BREAKERS?  OFF GRID? BE VERY CAREFUL, especially Direct Current which will jump out and grab you. If using an alternator, must have Safety switches,make sure you put in a earth stake, earth any metal structures etc, do not connect to solar or mains,  NO DIY
DIRECT DEBIT , Accept MC and Visa, Paypal, Cash at pick up 
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