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Electrical safety, EPB

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Published: Wednesday, 11 December 2013 23:20
Written by Graeme Whitfield
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My understanding of Equi-potential bonding is that all metal objects within 1.5 metres of your pool water need to be joined to the buildings main earth system. This includes reinforcing steel,both sides of a gate in a metal pool fence, metal grab rails and even the metal supports of a class fence. The jist of this is that all electrical supplies are tied to earth and the return path to the power station is through the earth beneath us. At any point all metal needs to be joined/grounded as the potential above earth may vary causing low voltage/high current that effects people, even causing heart attacks and death. When double insulated pumps became the norm, EPB became less important, but now we have spa heaters, heatpumps, gas heaters and any equipment that is not double insulated, that are connected to 230volts, i.e. the double insulation maybe breached. This is not about being "earthed", as we have earth leakage sensing circuit breakers for that, it is about making all exposed metal equal by joining everything together.

Very important, mostlly misunderstood and discarded as an over reaction. Please have your electrician or energy supplier check your home and pool for complete equi-potential bonding compliance.