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Gold K-Chlor Self Clean fits C SeriesClearwater Case

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Published: Friday, 22 January 2016 18:41
Written by Graeme Whitfield
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This is a trade item, not sold on internet or eBay, must call to get this great deal
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Retrofits Clearwater, Chloromatic, Monarch, 
Auto Chlor and K Chlor analogue chlorinator housings,
NO PLUMBING to do, new cell fits straight into C series case, but you get the NEW cell case anyway

The GOLD Salt water chlorinator is designed and manufactured in Australia to suit our conditions using only quality electrical components and commercial grade cell materials. Using industry proven technology, the embedded micro-controller delivers an intelligent and responsive system not only for our commercial users but also for our domestic customers that is eficient, reliable and easy to operate. The K-Chlor takes into account your water temperature and salinity to help maintain the correct chlorine levels in your pool, simply enter in your settings on the LCD display. The self-cleaning cell is a standard inclusion with the K-Chlor Gold Salt Water Chlorinator, helping to reduce maintenance while saving you time and money. A compact fully sealed design built for Australian conditions. 
   Retrofits Clearwater, Chloromatic, Monarch,
Auto Chlor and K Chlor analogue chlorinator housings

4 Year Full Warranty on Cell and Power Pack

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