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Pool pumps that save electricity.

Multi speed and latest high efficiency pumps will reduce your electricity use. Call Bob 0243690299 to access your needs, 7 days

                    Do you know "off-peak" metering could save 66% !

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     Available as 100, 150, with flow rates from 225 to 325 litres/ minute and that is at 8 meters head(per flow curves). These NEW pumps are good as the 125 has the flow rate of a 150 in some other old brands. Has easy off basket lid with 2.25 litre leaf capacity. 40-50 union connections. Call Bob for pricing and fast delivery

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 LINK SALT CELL COMPARISON LIST to find your replacement salt cell. Call Bob for fast ordering 0243690299

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ltp1100-low-resonga ppp pool pump

WE love ONGA, we have it all.

I can replace what you have, no plumbing to do

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New K-Digital Self Clean Salt system, 

   ALL SIZES call Bob 0243690299 9am-10pm Kdig

           Davey Clone all hps pool pumpsDavey Clone easy off lid and basket

  Davey Clones 1/2 to 2 hp pool pumps, direct from source     save heaps Call bob 0243690299

Welcome to Oze Pool Discounted pool equipment

Poolrite equipment

NO more GREEN COLOURED Poolrite products they are not available anymore. Poolrite has exciting new products that replace these old designs. We have all Poolrite products and spare parts at discount prices. The CL110, CL55, C80 and 100 cartridges are available. Replacement salt cells are available for green chlorinator boxes.

The original green spa blowers, now grey, are still the best value, are self supporting on a pipe riser where some are made of soft stuff and bend over, has adjustable flow so it won't overheat.

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Licenced to carry out electrical work, pool and spa erections, since the early 80s. These days I specialise in the repowering of your pool and spa. All the POOL & SPA equipment you can think of ! NEW pumps, filters, elements, PCBs for your chlorinator, Spa equipment, GAS and ELECTRIC heaters, solar DIY kits, all the bits and pieces. Major brands and Clones 
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